Starter Packages

Are you a successful therapist?

You are at the top of your game. You are fully booked most days with an army of loyal clients.
You have minimal staff, if any at all. You might rent out your spare room to a self employed therapist.
You wonder how you can earn even more, now that you are used to earning that amount of money, without the hassle of lots of staff.
Well, you are in the right place. I have the answer!

Can you really live the life you dream?

To fully know how you need to understand the terms passive income and leverage.
These will un lock great things for you and I will work closely with you and guide you on exactly how to do it.

Training Programme Option 1

Bronze Package

£350 a month, for 3 months.
Includes a few products for you to use yourself at
home, but mostly your salon set up products. No
retail is included in this package. You will get
training, workbooks and Skype calls with me to
really launch with an impact at your salon.

Training Programme Option 2

Gold Package

£600 a month, for 3 months.
More products for your use, salon products as
well as your retail launch event products too.
When you opt for this package I will come over
and help you create your best launch event
yet, and there will be interactive training on
the day too. You will also be included on the
Skype calls and workbooks, and get the online
course for free.

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