I specialise in WordPress and Shopify websites. I believe clients should be able to have full control over their website and be able to add / edit its content, should they wish to do so. Both platforms offer this facility.

This is unique to each individual project and something I will discuss with you during our initial consultation. Typically, the websites I design for clients range from 4 to 8 pages. However, on occasions, sites have exceeded 25 pages. It depends on the scope of the project.

Absolutely! Shopping carts and ecommerce stores can be developed on either WordPress or Shopify. For an additional fee, I will develop the structure of the shop, complete 3 full product examples and show you how to implement the remaining products and variances to complete your shop. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

This will vary from project to project but I usually allow 4-5 weeks for a website design or redesign. This provides ample time for me to review your Brand Assignment, plan and develop the website itself and carry out thorough testing. I will inform you of the anticipated timescale before starting the project.

You will get the finalised, fully implemented and launched website and a 1 hour briefing on how to update your website. All website kit (imagery, fonts and graphics created) will be yours to own too.

Although not compulsory, I strongly recommend you complete your Brand Assignment in preparation for your project start-date. I strongly encourage clients to complete their Brand Assigment thoroughly as it’s the main resource I use to gather information and inspiration for completing a killer website!

I will also need all the content you would like to add to the website (imagery, written copy etc), before I can start.

Your website will be hosted on Marketing Makeovers’ UK-based server. There is a small additional fee for website hosting, which can be paid annually or monthly.