Marketing Makeovers provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, as well as social media marketing, blogging, copywriting and email marketing.

Working together, our goal will be to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Increase revenue from existing markets with existing products or services.
  2. Create new markets for existing products or services.
  3. Launch new products or services.
  4. Break into new markets with new products or services.

This will vary from project to project. However, unless you need help with a business launch or new product launch, it is likely that we will work together on a monthly basis.

Of course. You will receive reports at the end of every month, so you can monitor progress and the see the results generated by your marketing campaign.

As mentioned above, you will receive reports which will provide a great insight into the effectiveness of your campaign. Month by month, we will be able to measure actions such as visits to your website, social media engagement and blog / email subscribers. I will also keep in regular contact with you to see the number of leads you can attribute to your marketing campaign and the revenue generated.

Although not compulsory, I strongly recommend you complete your Brand Assignment in preparation for your project start-date. I strongly encourage clients to complete their Brand Assigment thoroughly as it’s the main resource I use to gather information and inspiration for completing a killer project!