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17th October 2015

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Celebrate Success

10th January 2015

The Prince’s Trust RBS Enterprise Award

12th September 2014

The Prince’s Trust ‘West Midlands’ Celebrate Success Enterprise Award 2014

13th August 2014

My Podcast with the Fabulous Vibrant Network

1st August 2014

Is it time for a web redesign?

When you first launched your website, there was probably no question that it met the needs of your business. However over time, you may very well be discovering that it does not seem to be working as effectively and is now hindering your marketing objectives. Over the past decade, websites have become critically important for businesses. Your website may provide the primary platform for your sales or it may be

New Business Card Design

16th July 2014

My New ‘4 Colour’ Business Cards

21st June 2014

The Prince’s Trust & Young Directors Event at Yamazaki Mazak

Public Speaking at Alcester

4th June 2014

Public Speaking… I’m at it again!

Worcester Racecourse with the Prince's Trust

30th May 2014

Worcester Racecourse with the Prince’s Trust

7th May 2014

Facebook Marketing – It’s not all about the numbers

Like it or not (I just had to get that one in there) it’s not all about the numbers when it comes to Facebook marketing. Many business owners are hung up on the idea that the only way to gain credibility on Facebook is by...

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