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Artic FB Distribution's range of premium equipment

If exclusive is what you have in mind, then the Executive range is perfect for you. There are a range of designs and modular units to interpret your atmosphere. There’s the harmonious balance of Matrix, the classic elegance of Ambrose, the contemporary Scoop, the timeless ‘Italian’ style Coco, hot style of Lady and the glamour coloured Lucky.


A parallel world, where the geometry takes over. An exact rhythm – regular and constant. The Matrix provides a harmonious balance of perfect forms, with countless combinations.


Ambrose is at your service, always ready to satisfy any whim or any need, winking at the customer with the elegance of a real butler.

Ambrose plan


Fashion take its place. For those people that prefer a more metropolitan style, where taut lines and angular shapes create a more discreet shape that leaves space to your capacity of welcoming clients.


Italian aesthetic. For people that prefer harmonies and timeless shapes. The Coco is a line that makes contemporary a taste of the best tradition of Italian design.

Coco plan


Interpretations of the art of hospitality. For the success of any meeting place there is real value in creating a welcoming environment to offer moments of relaxation in a friendly atmosphere and to make people feel at home. Lady aims to transmit these feelings, through its comfortable and reassuring style which is guaranteed to endure long after the whims of passing fashions have faded. Lady can satisfy the legitimate desire to inaugurate “the most welcoming bar in town”: the ideal meeting place and best spot to spend some pleasant moments.

Lady plan


Malleable, versatile and resistant to wear, plastics can be transformed into new shapes thanks to the most modern technological innovations. The addition of eye-catching lacquers add a touch of surprise and irony, along with serious design and sparkling glamour. Ductile materials lend themselves well to the most diverse creations, in every imaginable colour. Soft for easy moulding but absolutely shock resistant. The innovative Lucky range adapts to every taste and style. Even the most original! Use to surprise and attract: the soft shapes of Lucky light up with fun colourful solutions. Play with your creativity!

Bikini plan

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