Are you having problems with your Broadband?

Slow download speed? Constant flashing green ADSL lights on router? Router only sync’s in master socket & will not work on extension wiring? (This is often due to telephone wiring or extension leads that have been fitted in your home). If you have a BT master socket fitted, you may find the following useful.

  1. Go to www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk and click on the speed test bar. Run the test a number of times and make a note of the average download reading.
  2. Remove the front part of your master telephone socket. Be careful not to disturb the wires. Try all the extension sockets in the house to make sure they are now dead.
  3. Connect your router into the back part of the master socket (using the filter as usual) Try to avoid using a telephone extension lead. Now run the Broadband speed check again as in instruction 1.
  4. Compare the 2 sets of readings.

If the Broadband speed has increased considerably, then your telephone extensions or other equipment is causing the problem. The telephone wiring in your house may need repairing or modifying.

An improvement in speed may not be immediate. You may need to leave your router plugged into the test point with your extensions isolated for up to 3 days. This gives the BT exchange a chance to monitor your line and check whether it is more stable. You can also try turning your computer off, resetting your router and then turning your computer back on.

Are you having problems with your telephone line?

You may find the following video link helpful if you are experiencing problems with your phone line.

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